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ACE TURISMO was founded in 1987. Over the last few years our creative custom-made itineraries and proposals, our highly qualified staff and personalized service, competitive rates and the special support of our multi-lingual staff of local guides and trip leaders, has transformed ACE TURISMO into one of the leading ground operators in the country.

Our priority has been to develop the most attractive itineraries in high-end leisure travel and in the niche of special interests and incentive travel. Our focus in the future will be in the areas of special tours into nature’s marvels, to unpopulated and unexplored regions with unique varieties of wildlife, offering the rare opportunity to see untouched landscapes. Our products will include the High Plateau in the Andes, Easter Island, Santiago and the Central Valley, the Vines and Wines of Chile, the Lake District, Patagonia, Antarctica and neighbouring Argentina.

Visits to wineries with the expert guidance of local winemakers; tours of the local museums and to appreciate the contribution of Chilean artists and poets to world literature; the narrow streets and history of Valparaiso; the magic of Easter Island and the astronomical observatories, all have a special appeal to foreign visitors.

Chile, with thirty two national parks, thirty-eight natural resource reserves and eleven different geographical regions, exotic flora and fauna and remnants of ancient cultures, offers endless possibilities to travellers. Adventure tourism involves a philosophy oriented towards seeking a better quality of life, by knowing and living in contact with nature. In effect, the need for direct contact with unpolluted air, water and fauna is what attracts this kind of traveler, oppressed by the noise and pollution of the big cities. The “animal” within us comes alive, to feel free and in unison with the surroundings of mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers. This is true “adventure”. I invite you all to come and enjoy an adventure in Chile, in peace and harmony with nature. Please do not hesitate to contact us to request our catalogue or special quotations for particular itineraries. We look forward to doing business with you.

Alvaro Gonzalez

ACE Turismo Chile • Don Carlos 3255-A • Santiago-Chile • Tel: (56 2) 335 6230 • Fax: (56 2) 233 8207 • Email: info@aceturismo.cl