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Chile does offer good possibilities a great destination for Incentive Groups. The challenge is the handling of the logistics and the fact that the groups cannot from our experience be larger than 80 paxs. Ideally, 40 paxs.

Excellent hotels; deluxe transportation; personalized service and attention to details are the main ingredients for our custom made designed proposal.

The venues are the following:

a) Santiago and surroundings,
b) Ski Centers for those younger groups which do have a weakness for this activity;
c) Either one of the Explora deluxe lodges, both in Atacama and also in Patagonia ;
d) Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and
e) The cruise in the fjords of Patagonia, with the Mare Australis.

In all of them, Chilean wine and cultural traditions, are important elements that give the local flavour.

ACE Turismo Chile • Don Carlos 3255-A • Santiago-Chile • Tel: (56 2) 335 6230 • Fax: (56 2) 233 8207 • Email: info@aceturismo.cl