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The Andes are unique. Skiing in the Andes is a joy for all the affiliates of this seasonal pilgrimage. Their recompense is the vast expanses and the guarantee of uncrowded slopes with good powder snow. It goes without saying that skiing in summer means skiing in Chile. Yes, from mid-June to early September, when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere is in summer, our ski centers are all set with good lifts and comfortable hotels. From the traditional, newly-renovated Portillo Hotel to the spacious ski options of Valle Nevado and the spa and family atmosphere of the Termas de Chillan resort, the Chilean ski centers have become the right destination for Olympic teams from the USA, Canada, Austria, France and other countries as well as for those who are just taking their first lessons and enjoying the freedom of the wind and the snow in the Andes.

Portillo, Chile, located 86 miles (140 km) from Santiago, is South America's premier ski resort, keeping up the traditions that have set it apart from the rest of the skiing world for over 35 years. For the past three decades, it has been a haven for skiers and snowboarders from around the world. The warmth and grace of the Chilean people welcomes every guest, and the cozy intimacy of the Grand Hotel is a refreshing change from the hectic activity at other resorts. There are virtually no lift lines nor slope traffic, leaving much more time to ski. Portillo is an unforgettable ski vacation resort option.
The crescent-shaped Hotel Portillo is located on the edge of the evocative green Lake of the Incas amidst, the towering Andean peaks, providing an unparalleled setting for skiers. The hotel is completely self-contained, with a full complement of resort services and superb facilities.

Valle Nevado
Valle Nevado is one of Chile's premier ski resorts. It is strategically located only 37 miles (60 km) from Santiago, giving international travelers easy access to some of the finest skiing in the world. Over 107 kilometres of trails and 41 ski lifts offer both beginners and expert skiers a quality and variety of skiing only matched by its principal Alpine competitors.

Termas de Chillán
The Ski Resort and Spa of Termas de Chillan is 304 miles (489km) from Santiago and 82 kilometers / 61 miles from the town of Chillán. The easiest way to get to the resort is by plane as far as Concepción or Chillán connecting with a pre-arranged transfer.
The Thermal Spa includes Hydrotherapy, massages, fangotherapy, Aromatherapy, Thalasotherapy, Beauty Treatments and Special Treatments.

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